Handmade and Natural Jewelry from MadamLili

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Handmade and Natural Jewelry from MadamLili

MadamLili offers you handmade fashionable and natural jewelry. A jewelry piece can be very special. Sometimes it stands for a beautiful memory; it symbolizes the friendship or the love. It is a gift for you or another one. And sometimes it is just a great eye-catcher which completes your outfit or underlines your own style. Our natural jewelry is diverse as well as its different meanings. Each piece of jewelry is unique because of lovely handwork in our own jewelry studio in Berlin. Current trends are performed by MadamLili with an individual note and favorite jewel pieces become timeless and versatile.

In our assortment you find wonderful handmade fashion jewelry that can be combined classically, smartly or just in a cool way. You are being waited by interesting vintage-jewelry pieces, wonderful true flower-jewelry and many other pieces. This great natural jewelry is not only wearable in summer; it matches to current hippie and bohemian trends with the use of true moss, great feathers and flowers in different colors. Our original natural jewelry makes your Boho-look to a true highlight fast.

Natural jewelry: Necklace and Earrings with exquisite true flowers

Handmade fashion jewelry from MadamLili is produced only from high-quality materials. We use only exquisite genuine flowers for our natural jewelry, which gives special authentic tone to our jewelry pieces that are absolute eye-catcher. True flowers-jewelry increases the value of every outfit and can be combined with different styles. Natural jewelry is not safety shoes and it is a small eye-catcher for your beautiful simple outfit or a complement for your individual trend looks.

Beside the natural jewelry you will find a series of classic jewelry pieces suitable for elegant events or serious business looks. Among the precious and classic gold or silver jewelry pieces you will find the right one for your taste. If you look for a special eye-catcher, our stylish vintage jewels will fascinate you. Retro-looks are interpreted in a modern way here and enchant with their own story.

Our natural jewelry is by request customizable

Carefully chosen accessories complete your look and personal style. The desired accessories are easy to find in MadamLili. MadamLili helps you with great pleasure, customizing your jewelry according to your wish. Without additional charge we prepare your fashion and natural jewelry with your own motifs and inscriptions. And we adjust all items by size.